About the Island Foundation

The Island Foundation was founded in 1979 by W. Van Alan Clark, Jr. and Mary H. Clark. They envisioned a family foundation that was capable not only of reacting to the needs of the community, but also providing leadership grants and taking chances other foundations might be unwilling to consider.  Van Clark believed in solutions.  He believed that the world could be managed for the better.  He believed that bright people, dedicated to a common goal would inevitably achieve that goal. He was an activist who was willing to, in his own words, “Step up to the plate and make a good cut at the ball.”  A restless and imaginative man, he fought for better outcomes in all of his endeavors.  Over the years, the Island Foundation has alternately talked and listened, but always with the goal of motivating action and creative solutions.  There is a challenge embedded in every opportunity.

Stephen H. Clark